Hi, I’m Rachael Sparrow.

This Is My Story

"Rachael has a Young Millennial, girl-next-door, young mom tone. She can go from a fun and conversational, upbeat sound, to a soothing and calm tone."

Rachael is a full-time, professional voice actor with an authentic passion for performing and storytelling. Her inclination to perform started as a young child as she would act out scenes from “Annie” for her family. As an adult, she fell into the voice acting world almost by accident. After voicing a church announcement for a sick friend, she knew she had stumbled upon something truly special.

Rachael’s years of experience shine through her warm and sincere voice. Whether you need her for tv, internet, radio, imaging, E-learning or telephony, Rachael will take your direction and run with it. She can portray a charming teenager or a hip-young mom.

Rachael is also the proud director of Sing! Voice Studio, where she mentors and coaches young singers and actors.

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  • Grammy Nominee James Blunt

  • Welcome to Spartanburg

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  • “The Day You Begin” Book

  • “A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars” Book

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  • JMA Group Vacations

  • Mimic Women’s Power Saddle

  • Where You Belong

  • Cherry Hill’s Christian Academy


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  • Cross of Redemption

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  • Revival Today


  • "The Summer People"


  • Heroes of Newerth- Fairy Gracie

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